Lisa F.

“I have such gratitude and respect for Megan. I refer to her as the one who saved my life. Last year I was not feeling well for several months and kept thinking it would get better. I was paying for insurance through my disability retirement but my past employer took almost a year to undo the mistake of canceling my policy, therefore I wasn’t covered. I didn’t know where to go for help as it would be self pay. Megan met with me and asked me several questions about where I hurt, what were my symptoms and informed me how much each test would cost at the lab. She gave me the lab orders she felt necessary and it was very affordable. Once Megan got the results she informed me it was urgent that I get to my general practitioner immediately! My GP ran further tests proving that Megan was right and I was ordered to the ER where I was then taken to another hospital where a team of specialists were waiting for me. I would have died without the affordable option of seeing such a skilled professional as Megan! I am eternally grateful!”