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January Specials – New Year, New You

New Year, New Butt!

Sculptra Aesthetic is a long-term collagen stimulator that can help create volume, as well as fill cellulite. Radiesse is a dermal filler for volume enhancement.
Option #1 – Purchase 10 vials – regular price $7000, now $5999
Option #2 – Purchase 6 vials – regular price $4200, now $3699
Option #3 – Purchase 4 syringes of Radiesse – regular price $2796, now $2399
* Sculptra works gradually. Typically 3 treatments are needed spaced 4-6 weeks apart. Radiesse may require 2 treatments. Product must be used on same treatment area, can be used on face or chest. If wanting to purchase this package and treat multiple areas (such as face and butt) additional $125 fee applies per appt. 1st treatment must be in January. If all treatments purchased are not used a credit will be applied for future treatments, sorry no refunds.

New Year – New Tox!

Have you tried Jeuveau yet? It’s the latest wrinkle reducer on the market. Regular price $10/unit, now $8/unit.
*Must be treated in January

New Year, New Neck

Radiesse Neck treatment and Ultherapy. Tighten and lift the with Ultherapy and fill in the lines with Radiesse. Regular price $2198, now $1699  

New Year, New Body

Hcg weight loss- lose up to 20 lbs!  Weight loss program includes 6 office or phone consults and 6 B12 fat burner shots. Regular price $300, now $225.  *client responsible for medication payment directly to the pharmacy. Must be treated in January

Metagenics Detox Kits

Regular price $119, now $109

New Year, New Skin

Chemical peels can treat a variety of skin conditions such as acne, fine lines and skin laxity.  Regular price $125 now $89 or 3 for $239. *Must use all treatments by 6/31/20

Rescue and Wrinkles

Rid yourself of wrinkles while helping rescue dogs in need!  Desert Holistic Health (DHH) and Incredibull Stella (501c3 charity) have teamed up for the month of December! For every client treated with Xeomin (an injectable treatment to reduce wrinkles) DHH will donate $30 and for every skincare product purchased DHH will donate $10.

New Year, New Hair

20% off all Nutrafol hair growth supplements  

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